Choosing Your Greek Resort

Choosing Your Greek Resort

The Greek Islands are a fabulous place to visit in the spring, probably my favourite time. The Islands come to life with blossoms, and green verdant scenes. It’s fresh and peaceful…the calm before the summer storm!

Islands like Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Kefalonia, Zante, Skiathos will now start to see the influx of thousands of visitors culminating in the throng of foreigners ready for the hot summer months. You can still find solitude on these Islands, no matter what time of year you visit, you just have to find the right place! Of course you won’t escape the madness of the airports with all the drunken clowns who tend to take on a new identity the moment they hit Greek soil, but believe me, find the right resort and you won’t know they are there (until the flight back!)

So, why not visit now, between April and June? OK, it still can be busy, but you are more likely to be with a more ‘cultured’ crowd than the leery reprobates you’ll encounter in the summer.

I remember Benitses on Corfu being the nightlife hell hole of the Mediterranean in the 80’s. It is has now reverted back to the charming little port it should be. The Greek police had simply had enough of the mad British lager louts that they basically closed the place during the late 90’s. This was mainly due to the danger the beerswilling yobs caused when spilling out onto the main road that dissects Benitses… and it is a busy road! Also, the locals were getting pretty sick of the vomit, used condoms strewn everywhere, noise, abuse and general deviant feeling caused by these idiots.

I’ve nothing against the youth of today having fun, but is what they do really fun? It’s just a release, but why should it be at the expense of this beautiful island? I remember raving in Ios when I was in my early twenties… one policeman on his moped patrolled the island and, more often than not, he was very bored most of the time!

Corfu had the chance to rid the deviants from the island for good, but what did they do? Move the whole shambolic affair to Kavos, away from most of the island way down south. It’s an awful place, much worse than Benitses ever was. I suppose the island needs revenue, but at what cost?

The same goes for many other Greek Islands, Malia on Crete, Laganas on Zante, Kardemena on Kos, Faliraki on Rhodes (though improving) and some others to less extent. I suppose somebody has to take the lowlife on, but it’s a shame it’s the Greek Islands.

There are so many others resorts that you can visit to avoid these place of bedlam. Corfu offers the lovely Paleokastrita with it’s immense views, Arilas for it’s quietness and Kassiopi for a livelier holiday. Corfu town is a must see. It’s venetian history is for all to see, and although the place is now rather ‘tacky’ you can still feel it’s history.

It’s a sign of the times that such places of beauty are slowly being defaced. As the World gets smaller, so the ability of humans to destroy it becomes more visible. So go see it now, find a quiet resort, see history, feel the real Greece before it’s too late.

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