Effective marketing tool: tips for strong brochures

The design
Depending on the goal you want to achieve with the brochure, the design should be adapted accordingly. If the aim is to find new customers, the text should be formulated in such a way that it is interesting for the relevant target group. Another important question is whether you want to print the brochure or send it as a PDF. If you want to print it, it makes sense to consider whether you want to print it yourself or have it printed by a local printer. The most convenient option is to have the brochures printed online to avoid the hassle of travelling. This is possible, for example, with the provider viaprinto.

How high should the budget be?
This depends on whether you only want to produce a simple information brochure or a more elaborate advertising brochure. Accordingly, the budget can vary greatly. Another important factor is the print quality. You could go for cheap and low quality, or invest in high quality printers. The latter is more expensive, but also more durable and professional. The quality of the paper and the binding also play a role in planning the budget. Cheap paper is cheaper, but the quality suffers. So if you value high quality brochures, you should invest in better paper.

How do I design a special part of brochures differently?
This section should have a different design so that it stands out and attracts attention. Here are some tips on how to improve the design of the back of your brochure:

  • Using a different colour, or a different material of paper.
  • Designing the area with an interesting pattern or graphic.
  • Using an eye-catching lettering or a different font.

What belongs in a brochure?


  • meaningful headline
  • suitable product photo
  • Content: short advertising text
  • most important selling points

Main part (detailed content):

  • Description of the product/service
  • Functionality of the product/service
  • production of the product


  • all prices
  • guarantee
  • a direct call to action
  • Ordering information and contact details

How is a good brochure structured?
Good brochures should be clear and concise. It should have a common thread and engage the reader from start to finish. The content of brochures is very important so that it adds value to the reader. The reader should take something away from the brochure after reading it – be it a new knowledge, a new perspective, or just inspiration.

The binding – these types are available
No matter which binding you choose, each one has its own special features:

  • Perfect binding
  • Saddle stitching
  • Ring-eye binding
  • thread stitching
  • Swiss brochure

The most popular binding is still saddle stitching, as this is the most cost-effective solution and can still make a professional impression. leaflet printing

Design, budget, content and structure play an important role in creating appealing brochures. After all, they should be appealing and professional so that they make a good impression on the reader. It can be helpful to get inspiration from other brochures or to have some created with professional help.

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