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Finding the best gifts for an 8-month-old can be a little confusing. First of all, you need to keep in mind what Baby already has around and how much storage space the family has available. That being considered, forget baby rattles and teething rings – at 8 months old, these will be stashed in every car seat and changing table by now. And at this stage, Baby is likely to be fully loaded up on adorable baby rompers and other wardrobe staples (although, it doesn’t hurt getting some clothes in the next size up). So what do you buy, then? Age-appropriate board books and interactive toys to keep growing minds stimulated are the best gifts for an 8-month-old. And let’s face it, Baby will enjoy this way more than a new onesie, anyways.

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The brain of an 8-month-old is like a little sponge. Knowing this, a musical toy or book is always a winner. Remember that anything and everything will be going in that little mouth as well, so look for safe toys with interesting textures they can hold or chomp. Bonus points if you find a gift that’ll last keep them entertained for several months or even years; a light-projecting animal to brighten the night, a sensory toy with buttons, or an interactive stuffed animal that encourages learning are all safe bets.

To make things even easier, we found some top gifts and toys for 8-month-olds that are tried and true. Scroll on for mom-approved picks that the baby in your life will love!

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Best Gifts For 8-Month-Olds

Introduce your favorite 8-month-old to the wonders of classical music with the Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. The Munchkin Mozart Cube encourages interactive play with buttons, sounds, and lights while teaching your budding composer about how instruments combine to create a full orchestral number. Five of the six cube sides feature individual instruments (harp, flute, french horn, piano, and violin) that can be layered onto each other with a simple press of a button while the orchestra button combines all the instrument sounds just as Mozart intended in eight different songs. One Amazon customer reviews, “I probably enjoy this just as much as our little one, but mainly because I think it’s cool, and I’m a Mozart fan.”

$20.08 AT AMAZON

The Plush Creations My First Farm is a fully interactive, snuggly trip to the countryside complete with four animal friends. Even though putting the animals in the barn and pulling them back out would entertain any 8-month-old, these adorable animals each say their name and make a neigh, moo, baa, or cock-a-doodle-doo sound, too. Clean up is fast and easy with the lightweight barn that doubles for storage as well as play. “This was a gift and the baby loved it! Cute animals and sounds. And it’s nice that all the animals can be stored in the barn, which makes it easy for travel as well,” reviews one Amazon customer.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

If you’ve got a baby and a TV, then you know a remote control is absolute baby bait. Little fingers just love pushing all those buttons! So give them their own buttons to press with the VTech Click and Count Remote (and save Mom or Dad the hassle of reprogramming their remote control after baby smashes all the buttons.) A perfect toy on the go or at home, this baby remote has ten colorful buttons that sing songs, count numbers, and even control volume. “This play remote is really fun, with lots of buttons to press, and tons of different responses and songs. It even feels like a real remote when I pick it up and pretend to change channels just for fun sometimes before handing it to my son,” reviews one mom on Amazon.


$11.99 AT AMAZON

Give the gift of building with the best first baby blocks around. The B.Toys One Two Squeeze Blocks are hand sculpted out of soft, durable plastic, perfect for stacking, squeaking, and nibbling. “They squeak when you squeeze them, they’re soft enough not to hurt anyone or anything when they’re thrown, and our baby likes to chew on them,” reviews one mom on Amazon.”The design and colors are just awesome. Baby Girl is intrigued by the shapes and textures.” The ten uniquely numbered blocks each feature vibrant colors and unique designs.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

8-month-old babies love to bang on stuff, so why not give them a target to hit and let them develop those oh-so-important motor skills with the Playkidz Pound A Ball toy? Baby will never tire of whacking the balls with the easy-grip plastic hammer. Plus the balls rolling through the tubes and out the bottom ramp not only teaches cause and effect but is endlessly entertaining. “My 8-month-old loves this!” reviews one parent on Amazon. “It is a great toy to encourage her to play sitting up and learning to drop toys from her grasp. We actually have started putting it away because she wasn’t playing with her other toys.”

$16.03 AT AMAZON

The VTech Musical Rhymes Book has been entertaining babies for generations. The battery-operated talking book features famous nursery rhymes like “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Old McDonald” with colorful engaging pictures for little ones to enjoy. Plus, this updated version has musical buttons on the side of the book for even more activity packed into a perfectly portable baby toy. “The best thing about it is that there are many functions on it that he never gets tired of it! We’ve had this toy for at least a couple months and he loves it just like the day he got it! It’s also small enough to be hand-held by him and not too overwhelming,” reviews one parent on Amazon.

$14.96 AT AMAZON

Sensory balls are always a go-to gift for a growing baby, but the 4-pack of Edushape translucent sensory balls are absolute perfection! The brightly colored 4-inch balls are just inflated enough for little hands to squeeze and grab with ease. And the nubbed surface is a new texture for Baby to explore with their hands. “I bought these balls for my son who is 8 months old and he loves playing with them,” reviews one Mom on Amazon. “These four balls are well made: very attractive colors and holding them is easy because they are under-inflated.”

$14.95 AT AMAZON

It’s never too early to start teaching any little one of the majestic beauty of our national parks. So get started with the Little Park Ranger book set. Each book of this incredible 4-book set focuses on a different aspect of the environment: water, land, animals, and plants. A whopping 16 different national parks are featured in these glossy 8-page books including the Great Smoky Mountains, Big Bend, and Glacier Bay. “So perfect! Such a cute and wonderful way to introduce kids to nature at a young age,” reviews one customer on Uncommon Goods.


Get ready to provide hours and hours of fun to any 8-month-old in need of a practical baby gift. The Fisher-Price Smart Stages Chair is not only a pint-sized place for Baby to sit and relax, but it’s overflowing with interactive sounds and activities. The seat doubles as a storage space for books and toys and there are over 50 songs and phrases that will entertain the little one as they grow. “Great little chair,” reviews one Amazon customer. “I have purchased 2 of these (for my grandkids) and they are great. It is low enough for them to sit in and they bang on it quite a bit. But it holds up well.”

$59.00 AT AMAZON

Use it as a toy for your baby to press or as a bedtime night light companion. Either way, any 8-month-old will love pressing the buttons to activate the star projector on their friend. Parents will adore this bedtime buddy too, with soothing sounds that will create the perfect tranquil environment for a great sleep. One parent reviews on Amazon, “this is a perfect toy for keeping my baby occupied while driving or when we are traveling. The 3 buttons on the unit are for the sound, star projection, and volume. This has been a godsend for us and I just wish I had thought to put this on my registry!”  Elephants not your thing? There are more light-up animal friends to choose from!

$19.59 AT AMAZON

The Magic Touch Piano is just that … magic! Without any buttons or keys to press, the wooden piano uses magic touch technology to create real piano sounds every adult will be impressed with and every kiddo will love playing. One Amazon customer reviews, “at 7 months old, my daughter will sit and play with this for long periods. After the initial play, she’ll go do something else, then within minutes, come back to it and play some more, and repeat.” The musical development toy even comes with pieces of color-coded baby sheet music so your little one can play their favorite tunes.

$23.98 AT AMAZON

The press-and-go interactive design of the musical inchworm is perfect for babies right around 8 months old. By pressing down the middle ball flat, the inchworm pops back up and zips across the floor. Providing inspiration for a reluctant crawler or a baby that needs more motivation to move, the inchworm entices littles to follow him with glowing lights and catchy tunes. “This toy is a hit. The music and lights are soft enough to not be irritating and the mechanical rolling feature worked really well,” reviews one happy Amazon customer.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

8-month-olds of any gender will love pulling and pushing this beginner dump truck to the construction site. When the three colorful boulder balls are dropped in the truck cab, it counts them out loud as they tumble in. One Amazon customer reviews, “With the three rocks loaded in the truck there’s still plenty of room for more toys. Our little guy likes to put his hot wheel cars where you load the rocks and they roll into the truck bucket. He’s found this toy to be very entertaining!” The handy blue lever releases the truck bed for a real dump truck experience.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Best Christmas Gifts For 8-Month-Olds

Here’s a gift that’ll definitely grow with Baby. The Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Smart Home is a play structure encouraging interactive free play with all the bells and whistles (or should we say doorbells and mailslots). The Smart Home features four language settings (English, Mandarin, French, and Spanish) and three Smart Stage settings that grow with your baby. “He LOVES it! There are so many things to do, lights, sounds, doors to open, and balls to play with. And it’s very sturdy so a baby just learning to stand doesn’t turn it over. One of my best purchases by far,” reviews one happy Amazon customer.

$129.00 AT AMAZON

Snuggly interactive Scout from LeapFrog will become any 8-month-old’s best friend the first time they hear him say their name. This little pup connects to any computer, phone, or tablet to customize what he says (and this can be done while he is still in the box – hello, perfect gift).  Besides teaching Scout your little one’s name, choose an assortment of personalized favorites like colors and foods while you also select which songs will be on rotation. “This toy is part of our daily life,” reviews one parent on Amazon. “It says your child’s name, you can personalize what it sings and talks about on your phone. It tells my son, ‘Good Night Max,’ and plays bedtime music (you can create a timer for bedtime music to turn off too). He falls asleep within 20 minutes with Scout on his shelf.” Have a little lady you are buying for? Check out My Pal Violet!

$19.59 AT AMAZON

Ball pits are total crowd-pleasers, especially for kiddos! “Got this for my 8-month-old nephew but his 2-year-old brother loves it, too! My sister appreciates that it’s its own storage so she can keep all those balls corralled. It is exactly what you hope it is: soft, squishy, full of balls, with great texture features for exploring little hands,” reviews one aunt on Amazon. The Melissa & Doug adorable Turtle Ball Pit holds 60 soft and colorful balls in two sizes that zip securely into the turtle shell for simple (and adorable) storage. Plus the non-skid bottom ensures the little turtle friend stays safely in place while Baby crawls in and out and back in again.

$72.94 AT AMAZON

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