Kitchen Organisation Ideas – How to Maximise Space?

Looking at kitchen layout photos, many of us conclude that the immaculately clean and organised kitchens in pictures are our dream kitchens. Spotless worktops, perfectly organised drawers and cabinets, polished sinks, gleaming furniture – how do we achieve this? We’ve prepared some proven kitchen organisation ideas that will help you bring order to your kitchen. We’ll tell you how to utilise empty spaces and show you how to organise kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Dividing the Kitchen into Zones This rule should not be overlooked. In the kitchen, the four most important zones should be separated: food storage, food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. This principle is vital for functionality. But it’s also an excellent way to organise your kitchen. Typically, the food storage area is close to the food preparation area. When preparing a meal with ingredients at hand, you’ll thank us for this organisational tip. The food storage area includes the pantry, fridge, and freezer, while the food preparation area has ample work surfaces. Such division into zones will surely make work in the kitchen more efficient and thus more enjoyable.

Worktop Organisation in the Kitchen Worktops are often used as shelves, a place where we put all our shopping and store all our kitchen utensils. Most items on worktops aren’t used very often, so they gather dust and take up space. A very practical tip is to place all unnecessary appliances and objects in cabinets, only retrieving them when needed. Keeping items hidden makes it easier to keep the kitchen clean and organised, and its cleaning much simpler.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas – Shelf Under the Ceiling The space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling is empty in many kitchens. We believe even the smallest spaces should be used, as they provide a perfect spot for storing rarely used objects and appliances. If chosen carefully, they can also serve as a decorative element in your kitchen.

However, if open shelves aren’t to your liking, you can opt for full-height cabinets that reach the ceiling. This way, you won’t lose space and can keep your kitchen even more stylish and clean.

Space Above the Fridge If you have a freestanding fridge in your kitchen, the space above it is probably unused. It’s one of those spaces we often forget. However, it has great potential for storage. Simply install simple shelves or a cabinet reaching the ceiling above the fridge, and you gain space for various kitchen appliances.

Two-Level Drawer A two-level drawer allows for even better organisation, as it includes two levels in a single drawer.

Regarding drawers, organisation would be more challenging without internal dividers. They allow you to separate forks from knives and other tools. In addition to keeping drawers clean and orderly, they are also efficient as you won’t waste time looking for a spatula.

Integrated Chopping Board An integrated chopping board has two huge advantages. First, you’ll always have a chopping board within reach. It doesn’t occupy worktop space, so these can be left free of unnecessary items. Second, if the chopping board is correctly placed, near the cleaning and food storage areas in the kitchen, its integrated version will make your work easier. Just take the ingredients you need, chop them into perfect pieces, and the waste? Straight into the bin. No mess and delicious food in no time!

Where to Store Pots and Pans? Pots and pans are the most important tools in the kitchen and take up the most space. Their shape makes them difficult to store, and neither cabinets nor drawers make it easy. However, even though they are hard to store, they should be easily accessible. Perhaps the popular system of retractable baskets on shelves in a cabinet is a good solution? A carousel in the corner cabinet is another excellent solution!

How to Store Lids? If pots were hard to store, lids pose even more problems. They are circular, have a knob making them impossible to stack. So, smart people have designed a dedicated lid holder. We highly recommend investing in one to keep lids in place, maintaining order in your cabinet and drawers.

How to Store Items in the Pantry? To create a pleasant and organised atmosphere, we advise using glass containers. They are perfect for flour, sugar, and other dry products. They create a consistent look, and you’ll get rid of easily breakable paper and plastic packaging. Label the containers so you won’t waste time looking for baking powder every time!

Minimalism and Simplicity Among the different kitchen styles, we find kitchens decorated in a modern style. These interiors favour minimalism and simple but functional solutions. This style is described as clean and sleek and is characterised by consistent cabinets and furniture as well as empty worktops. This style follows the principle of minimalism. So, give up excessive decorations and start with space organisation. Each object must have its place, be useful and functional. Therefore, it’s better to invest in multifunctional devices. It’s easier to keep space organised and clean.

Quick Ways to Organise Your Fridge Clean the fridge door – it’s time to say goodbye to the many magnets and notes. Thanks to this quick clean-up, your kitchen will immediately look tidier.

Inside the Fridge. It’s highly recommended to organise the fridge into different compartments. The top shelf should contain products with a long expiration date that you don’t use every day. It’s the hardest to reach spot, and the fridge should be organised accordingly. The middle shelf can contain dairy products like butter, cheese, and yoghurts. The bottom drawers are an excellent place to store fruits and vegetables. The fridge door is the warmest place, so it’s advisable to store products that won’t suffer from occasional temperature changes there, like a can of coke or sriracha sauce.

Organising Spices Cooking without spices is like dancing without music: much less fun. However, finding space for all the spices can sometimes be a daunting task. You’re trying to prepare a delicious meal, but you can’t find the parsley. Invest in a spice organiser, and you’ll save a lot of time and energy. You can organise spices alphabetically, by category, or in any other way. Yet, it’s advised to have a drawer or a shelf in a cabinet. Just make sure it’s easily accessible and has enough space to store all your spices.

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Kitchen Organisation Ideas – Coffee, Tea, Sugar in Porcelain Containers Minimalism is minimalism, but decorations should be welcome. Just find the style you’re looking for. Maybe porcelain is your style, or you’re more a fan of ceramics or glass. Whatever your choice, storing products you use every day, like tea or coffee, in a chosen type of container is an excellent way to add personality to your minimalist and organised kitchen. Make sure to complement these containers with other decorative items, like ceramic vases, porcelain bowls, or glass pepper mills.

In the kitchen, you must be very careful when using different types of tools and equipment. You also need to think about the right ways to store all these items, so you can use them safely. Moreover, an organised kitchen is a functional kitchen! When everything has its place, it’s easier to navigate among dozens of different tools and ingredients. The best kitchen designs are based on certain principles that make them functional. We hope our kitchen organisation ideas will help you finally bring order to your kitchen.

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