The Best Fitness Gifts For Travel

Much has been said about striking a healthy work-life balance. However, it can be difficult to manage frequent travel, work, a full family life, and other personal responsibilities. If your dad wants to prioritize fitness but could use a little boost, consider giving him a fitness gift that he can use during his travels. Whether it’s a Father’s Day gift that adds fun to a workout, helps motivate him to track his efforts, or simply celebrates his love of a certain exercise, there’s something here for every fitness enthusiast…and every dad who wants to be one.

If your dad is a cyclist, he will marvel at Hammerhead’s Karoo 2. As an innovative GPS bicycling computer, the Karoo 2 was created to help cyclists get the most out of their riding experience. The beautiful screen showcases high-resolution mapping and data from rides. When your dad bikes during his travel, this device helps him easily follow new routes. The Karoo 2 will also help him do structured workouts, and it works well for both gravel and road route riding. It connects to Wifi, Smartphone, ANT+, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and GPS. Shop Now: $399 from Hammerhead

UE Fits are earbuds that are picture-perfect for wearing during exercise on the go. They are so comfortable that your dad will not even notice that he’s wearing them. Whether your dad has small, medium, or large ears, the innovative earbuds were designed to mold to the unique shape of each wearer’s ears to create a perfect fit. The customized fit means that your dad can enjoy wearing them for high-intensity workouts like running, and he never has to worry about them falling out mid-workout. These earbuds come in a protective case that can easily fit in your dad’s pocket. They come in lilac, grey, and midnight blue. Shop Now: $174 from Ultimate Ears at the time of publication

The J Method travel size gym is a thoughtful Father’s Day gift for dads who are dedicated to maintaining their fitness during frequent travels. It includes tools your dad can use for cardiovascular and strength-building exercises. They come in a portable, easy-to-pack bag, so it will be easy for him to keep his workout stuff in one easily accessible place. This pack includes a J Method super band, glute band, mini band, jump rope, recovery ball, instructional cards and the mesh travel bag. Shop Now: $149 from J Method Fitness

Playing one’s favorite tunes can make exercise infinitely more enjoyable, especially for music enthusiasts. There’s no need to compromise on high-quality sound if your dad’s a frequent traveler, either. Sony’s SRS-XP700 X-Series Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be taken on the go, and this wow-worthy speaker has a deep, punchy bass to help you enjoy your music as its meant to be heard. It has a long-lasting battery for extended listening during travel, and it also puts on an LED light show while it’s playing music. What’s not love about that? Shop Now: $448 from Amazon

The AeroTrainer exercise platform is an outstanding gift for dads who want to up their fitness game while traveling. It was created to strengthen, tone, and stretch muscles, so it can help your dad get in shape or stay that way. The inclusive device can support up to 500 pounds, and it’s ergonomically contoured with a convex back, concave seat, and spherical base. It works several muscles at the same time, saving busy dads time, too. The exercise platform is a good choice for travelers because it’s inflating and fully portable, making it easy to have gym-quality equipment on hand from anywhere. Shop Now: $79.80 from AeroTrainer

Got Bag’s roll-top backpack is a fantastic choice for eco-conscious dads who want a stylish, simple bag for their fitness necessities or hiking essentials. It’s made of 100-percent recycled ocean plastic. The water-resistant fabric will keep the contents of the bag safe even during your dad’s adventures in inclement weather. This lightweight backpack can be easily adjusted from 23 to 30 liters to meet the varying needs your dad may have during his travels. He can also bring it along as a carry-on for air travel with its removable laptop sleeve. Shop Now: $119.20 from Got Bag at the time of publication

Any dad who makes vigorous exercise a regular part of his routine is likely to experience some aches and pains as his body recovers. The Meteor is a thoughtful gift to help your dad relieve muscle tension and better relax after working out. The innovative massage ball combines heat and vibration to promote muscle recovery. If your has chronic pain, this tool may also provide pain relief. It’s ideal for frequent travelers because it’s TSA-approved to go in both carry-on and checked luggage. It weighs under two pounds and has a four-inch diameter, so it’s easy to pack, too. Shop Now: $149 from Amazon

Here’s a gift your dad won’t forget. Any fitness enthusiast would be wowed by G-Shock’s GSWH1000, an innovative multi-sport smartwatch. It runs on Wear OS by Google, and it has Bluetooth ® connectivity via the G-SHOCK Move app. With both 200-meter water resistance and shock resistance, it was created to be worn during any workout your dad wants to do. He can wear it for activities like swimming, road biking, running, snowboarding, surfing, and exercising at the gym. This special watch has an optical sensor that measures heart rate, an altitude sensor, a gyrometer, and an accelerometer. It has a soft black resin urethane band that’s durable, flexible, and comfortable. Shop Now: $699 from G-Shock

If your dad spends a lot of time in the gym, he is likely to love the Fire HD 10 Plus tablet. Not only can he download apps to track and enhance his workouts, he can also use it as an e-reader to enjoy inspirational books. That can make his time on treadmills and other exercise machines seem to fly by. He can also use it to stream movies or check his social media apps. Shop Now: $179.99 from Amazon

Bala Bangles one-pound wearable weights are aesthetically appealing, and you can customize the gift by choosing your dad’s favorite color. The bangles are available in blush, blue, charcoal, grey, sand, bone, lilac, and a rainbow of colors. These wearable weights can be worn on both the wrists or the ankles. Your dad can switch it up as he desires. They can be worn while your dad engages in a wide variety of exercises, including gym workouts and runs. Shop Now: $49 from Bandier

If your dad loves Yoga, he’ll be wowed by the AI-powered yoga mat that can utilize both Bluetooth and WiFi connections. He’ll receive personalized workout plans, and he can improve based on real-time feedback from virtual Yoga instructors. It’s a state-of-the-art device that tracks strength, balance, flexibility, and one’s daily progress. When you give your dad this mat and a year’s subscription to the app for Father’s Day, you’ll empower him to do what he loves no matter where he is. Shop Now: $429 from YogiFi

For a fresh, innovative take on a classic Father’s Day gift, Comrad’s knee-high compression socks are a fun and functional present your dad is sure to love. They’re great for a workout because the socks boost energy, endurance, and performance. These compression socks can also help ward off fatigue and prevent the build-up of lactic acid. At the same time, they are good for travel because they help increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling. Shop Now: $25 from Amazon

The Lorimer backpack from State Bags is a stylish and multifunctional bag for dads who want to work out during their travels. It is spacious but lightweight. It can be used for going to the gym or taking a hike. The backpack can also function as a carry-on for business essentials when your dad travels for work. It has a laptop sleeve, large main compartment, and pocket on the front and sides. Available in five colors such as olive and steel gray, you can find a backpack that’s just the right fit for your dad. Shop Now: $90 from State Bags

Dads who spend a lot of time exercising outdoors need to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. It’s also important for them to optimally observe their surroundings for safety. Bliz’s Peak Polarized Sunglasses have lenses in filter category 4, which means they block the most possible sunlight. While your dad’s eyes are being protected, he won’t have to deal with glare or reflections. These sunglasses are also designed to reduce eyestrain. Shop Now: $150 from Aktiv

If your dad wants to stay in shape from the comfort of his hotel room while traveling, he will love the original form mat from Ryan Read. Even if your dad may not be visiting the gym or consulting with a personal trainer, he can use this mat to help him exercise and lift with confidence. It has four different foot positions for a total of 8 exercises. It’s easy to roll and pack for travel. With weights often available upon request in hotels, the mat can help your dad perform a correct deadlift, sumo deadlift, and squat. The mat was designed and created by the athlete and trainer Ryan Read who has been helping people get fitter for over a decade. It comes with lifetime access to a form guide taught by Ryan. Shop Now: $49.99 from Ryan Read

This 20-ounce water filter bottle from Hydros was created as part of the company’s mission to reduce single-waste plastic use. Any eco-conscious or fitness-focused dad will appreciate this gift. It has a fast filter to allow your dad to drink fresh water in just under a minute. This water bottle has filters that are made of 100-percent coconut shell carbon and placed within its BPA-free casing, making it a safe choice for your dad and the environment. Available in colors such as green and blue, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and your dad can easily take it along for any of his workouts. Shop Now: $20 from Hydros

Another great fitness gift for dad is the vibrating pliability roller from TB12. It’s a foundational tool that can help any active dad with his pliability both before and after he works out. The roller was created to help soften and lengthen the muscles for optional durability and functional strength. It’s easy to take on the go, and it generates a deep-tissue massage when your dad might be too busy to have a formal massage. It can also alleviate pain and tension by breaking up lactic acid when your dad uses it for massages. Shop Now: $160 from TB12

The BlendJet 2 is a fabulous present for a dad who loves making his own smoothies. Also, if your dad is trying to make healthier choices about what he eats and drinks, this portable blender can ensure he always has healthy options on hand during his fitness adventures. You can include some of BlendJet’s plant-based, protein-rich smoothie mixes to give him a tasty treat that’s also healthy. Shop Now: $49.95 from BlendJet

Made of cotton, hemp, and spandex, this tote back is a great gift for dads of all ages who want to carry a stylish bag on their adventures. As part of Lee’s collaboration on The Hundreds collection, the bag emphasizes “people over product”. It can function as a carry-on while flying and then serve as a gym bag once your dad gets to his hotel. It was mad to last for years. Shop Now: $50 from Lee

Your dad will appreciate the relief that Theragun’s Mini model can offer during his travels. This device provides a deep muscle treatment after exercise. It can also address muscle soreness or tightness your dad may have. The device can also be used to accelerate muscle warmup prior to a workout. The Mini Theragun has been calibrated to have a deep impact on the muscles to provide relief and comfort. Shop Now: $199 from Bandier

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