This Exceptional Fiberglass Camper Employed To Be A U-Haul Rental Trailer

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The 1980s were a wild time for U-Haul. Customers could hire everything from flicks and ATVs to paint sprayers from the rental huge. But a single of the coolest rentals from U-Haul’s past is this, the U-Haul CT13 Get-A-Way Camper.

Fiberglass vacation trailers have been all over the place in the 1970s and 1980s. Numerous brands tried their fingers at creating a molded fiberglass RV. U-Haul didn’t want to skip out on the motion and developed its individual pair of campers, the VT16 Holiday Traveler and CT13 Get-A-Way Camper.

These trailers are scarce, which will make this 1985 U-Haul CT13 on Craigslist rather particular. How rare? Actual production quantities aren’t recognised, but owners believe that that there are much less than 2,000 of them in the planet.

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Specifics on the CT13 and VT16 are scant, with the greater part of what’s acknowledged gathered by enthusiastic entrepreneurs of the matters. I protected some of the heritage of the campers when I wrote about all of the strange factors you could hire from U-Haul in the 1980s:

According to information and facts gathered by U-Haul camper proprietors, these trailers have been formulated by a U-Haul subsidiary identified as Rec-Vee Earth. The models were produced for only a shorter time from 1984 to 1985. For every VIN plates and homeowners, the trailers were created by the Dayton Trailer Manufacturing Corporation in Ohio, Youngstown Trailer Manufacturing in Ohio, and by U-Haul in Arizona. The CT13 and VT16 had been 13 toes lengthy and 16 toes lengthy and both equally models had the regular fare of RV machines like fridges, sinks, and furnaces. However, if you required a rest room you had to step up to the VT16 and its rest room didn’t have a shower.

Like the company’s other trailers, these campers were developed to be strong to withstand the abuses of rental use. The bones of the CT13 were a circular metal frame or a sq. tube metal frame. The design and style was meant to be uncomplicated to tow and the U-Haul CT13 weighs in at about 1,200 kilos, towable by just about any auto.

U-Haul rented these campers from 1984 to 1992. Fortunately, the trailers have been offered off to the community rather of staying wrecked earning them a single of the couple forms of retired U-Haul equipment that you are permitted to personal. The 1990s weren’t a form time for fiberglass camper manufacturers and most shut down, leaving behind only the extra well-known suppliers like Boler (now Scamp) and Casita.

This U-Haul CT13 has a delightful combine of original components and a couple upgrades. The exterior nonetheless has the primary U-Haul graphics and its circular tube frame looks intact.

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Within, the olive coloured interior continues to be intact and significantly of the U-Haul-branded bits and parts keep on being.

But it’s not totally classic as a fashionable refrigerator and sink make up the updates in the kitchen area. The olive-coloured cabinet doors show up to be painted in silver to match the kitchen appliances. And yep, that stove is driven by propane! It’s mysterious if the camper’s furnace is present.

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The blend eating area and mattress has what appears to be some extra modern day cushions, as does the couch on the other stop of the camper.

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The camper’s full size is 13 feet though the inside is 10 feet-lengthy. The CT13 was created to sleep up to 3 with the dining desk bed in back again and the couch that turns into a bunk mattress up front.

Lots of of these U-Haul campers have been gutted or wholly repainted, so it is normally amazing to see a person in close to original issue. U-Haul trailers exploded in price in latest decades. Again in 2018 I saw them in initial very good affliction for as very low as $3,000, but those days surface to be gone.

This CT13 will come in at $13,500 on Craigslist in Tustin, California.

Hat idea to Tyler Herden!


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